Lost brought their A game tonight

# 26/10/2010 à 11:12 jessica

I hope you weren’t one of the scores of people who felt that Lostwould never actually answer any questions. If you were, you’ve got to be feeling pretty sheepish right about now. Not only is Lost answering questions, not only are they answering HUGE questions, but they are ramping up for the ending, providing a path to an end that people might actually be happy with, and doing it in a package that is pretty frakkin’ entertaining, well written and acted. In other words, Lost brought their A game tonight!So, what happened tonight? Oh, not much, not much at all. Let’s start tackling the sideways world, which I consider to be officially confirmed to be Bedford Falls。 We’ll get to the reason why in our discussion of the island timeline, but just know that I consider it confirmed. Why start with the sideways world? Because all the REALLY big stuff happened on the island, and you can’t lead with that, what fun would that be? Anyway, we start similarly to how we started the entire show… close up on Jack’s eye. But we soon find another thing we’ve seen before, a cut on Jack’s neck, like he had in the first flash sideways while still on Oceanic 815. Still no clue what that’s all about, and I checked the end of last week’s episode and he did not get a cut on his neck in the melee on the sub, so it’s not a “two timelines effected by one event” kind of a thing. Open to ideas on that one, though I suppose we’ll find out Sunday
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